The Five Steps To A Successful Online Business

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BCB  Internet Profit System

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Now you may recall that in the last article.

I told you the 3 main reasons why I wanted to start my own online business

I also told you about that special email I received in September of 2015 that literally  blew my mind and changed my life

Today. I want to talk to you about…

The Five Steps To  Building A Successful  Online Business

But before we move forward. 

I want you to take your time and read the following few paragraphs very slowly.

Your online business’s success is dependent upon you attracting the right type of person to your website 

And then.

Convince them to pay money for the product or service you provide.

You also want all of your potential customers to follow the five steps shown below

So it is very important for you at this stage.

To fully understand.

How each type of person fits into the sales funnel process.

● Leads
● Customers
● Repeat Customers
● Members
● Clients

1) Leads

You can call this group anything you want: subscribers, opt-ins, whatever you like.

 These are people who could potentially become paying customers, but first, they need you to convince them to sign up.

How do you do this?

By offering them something of value for free. Of course. 

Alll they have to do is give you their email address to get the freebie, and they are instantly added to your subscription list.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone and helps you reach potential paying customers.

2) Customers

Conversion is the name of the game in any online business.

Once you’ve got that hot list of leads, it’s your job to convert them into paying customers.

Show them how your product adds value to their business.

Give them the incentive to click the “Buy Now” button?

If you convey your message clearly and effectively, your subscribers will soon turn into buyers.

3) Repeat Customers

You’ve got leads and customers which are a great start for your business. 

But you now need to turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

The Quality of your products or service is the key here.

it must be something unique and price competitive.

Do this right and you will create repeat business from your existing customer pool, and you’ll generate automatic income with very little extra work.

4) Members

When it comes to passive income. Nothing beats membership-based subscriptions.

Using this website as an example.

I could easily turn it into a membership site and charge visitors like yourself a monthly recurring fee.

It’s an easy revenue stream because it auto-renews itself. 

Even if I only have 100 members paying me $97 a month 

I’ve locked in nearly $10,000 in monthly income. I certainly wouldn’t complain about that, would you?

5) Clients

The client stage is where the bulk of your money is made, and what makes this even better is that…

they will come to you rather than you having to chase them down.

Clients will invest in higher level opportunities of your business, such as a coaching program, DVD set, or high-end seminar.

You won’t just earn hundreds of dollars from your clients, you’ll earn thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

Which is why you must make building a strong client base for your business a priority.


We have just reviewed the five types of people that you need in your online business.

And the Five step system shows you how each person is moved from one stage to the next.

But if you really want to fine-tune the specifics of what you have just learned, and take your online business to the next level. 

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Today. I want to talk to you about  The Five Steps To  Building A Successful  Online Business  But before we move forward. I want you to take your time and read the following few paragraphs very slowly.