Can You Trust Affiliate Marketing Reviews?

I am a blogger and small business website owner who occasionally promotes affiliate products and services to some of my subscribers.

I also advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and on a lot of other websites that you have probably never even heard of

So Why Am I Telling You This?

Well, it’s mainly because of one particular marketing tactic that some people are currently using that is starting to get under my skin.

So much so, that I have unsubscribed from their lists, but unfortunately for me, it still hasn’t made any difference.

Because everyday my email inbox is still full of promotions from other online marketers. Who are also using the same tactic

So What Is The Tactic That I’m Talking About?

It’s what I like to call the fake video review, and it works like this.

You get sent an email by one or more Internet Marketers informing you about the latest and greatest product that is about to explode onto the digital marketplace.

You then open and read the email and if you decide to click on the link in the email message. You will be re-directed to YouTube to watch the video review.

Why Is The Review Fake?

Because the person who is doing the review usually does not use the product in their everyday business, and in most cases, they haven’t even paid for the product.

They either have a review copy of the product or they get the final released version of the product for free.

Why Do They Get It For Free?

Because the owner needs to make sure that he or she has guaranteed sales of their digital product when they launch it.

And there is nobody better in the business at making sales on product launch day. Than a top rated Internet Marketer with a large list of potential buyers.

I don’t know about you.

But what I want is to watch a real video review from someone who has used or is still using the product or service six months to a year down the line.

But what do I get instead?

A fake review video from an Internet Marketer who is only using the product for the purpose of making me part with my cash

Why I Don’t Promote Every Product That I Buy

The problem with Internet/Affiliate Marketing is that it attracts a lot of scam artists and quick fix money chasers.

Who are all ready to promote the latest churn and burn digital product to people like you and me.

I buy a lot of digital products online, and most of the products that I have purchased have let’s just say,  failed to live up to my expectations.

So it would be just plain crazy from my perspective. To waste time and energy promoting something that I know will have a very high refund rate.

My Biggest Problem With Fake Reviews

Is that some of the products that I  purchased after watching the video review have turned out to be total crap. And as you can imagine.

That hasn’t gone down too well with me.

Especially when those products were recommended to me by Internet Marketers who I’m supposed to trust.

Which just goes to show that when it comes to Internet Marketing. You have to take everything that you read, watch, or hear with a large pinch of salt.

Do I Do Fake Video Reviews?

Short answer no I don’t. And I will tell you why.

Like I said to you before.

I am a small website business owner who pays for the digital products and services that help me run the important parts my online business.

Which means that any video review that you may watch from me in the future.

Will be based on my using of the product or service over a period of time longer than just a few days or a couple of months, and more importantly.

This means that It will be an honest review because I use or used the product or service in a real everyday business situation.

How Can You Protect Yourself From The Fake Review Curse?

You can learn from my mistakes for a start,  and stop making your buying decisions solely based on reading or watching reviews.

It’s just a big waste of time, especially in the Internet Marketing niche.

And if you are thinking of starting an online business from home

Here’s my bit of free advice of what you need to do.

First. Accept the fact that whatever digital product you decide to purchase online will never be perfect straight out of the box.

Second. Make sure that the owner of the product has a real Facebook Page, Facebook Group or Facebook Business Page so that you can contact them in an emergency

Third. Never buy something on impulse and always try to contact the product owner first before you proceed with your purchase.



So Why Am I Telling You This? Well, it's mainly because of one particular marketing tactic that some marketers are currently using that is starting to get under my skin. So Here's my bit of free advice of what you need to do.