How To Start An Online Business

Hello Frustrated Entrepreneur

Thank you for visiting this page, my name is Paul Profitt, and I have a serious question to ask you.

Do you want to know How To Start An Online Business From Home?

Now I’m not asking you this question just to make fun out of you.

As a matter of fact, nothing could be further from the truth.Because what I’m about to tell you will take your online earnings up to the next level.

But before I reveal what this secret is.

You need to understand that constantly selling low-cost products will never give you that dream lifestyle that you are looking for.

Let’s look at it this way.If you want to earn $10,000 a month from your online business, what method would you use?

A) Selling 1,000 copies of a $10 product every month

B) Selling 10 copies of $1,000 product every month

Or think of it in another way, do you think it’s easier to find 1,000 new customers every month or just 10?

Obviously, 10 is just 1% of a 1,000 and therefore it’s much easier to find ten buyers.

The Perfect Online Business Model

You probably don’t need me to tell you, that building an online business is not as easy as it looks.

Most people myself included who have tried to start a small business online.

Have suffered from shiny object syndrome or information overload and in many cases both at the same time.

This is the main reason why 95% or more people end up throwing in the towel and give up on their dreams of owning their own successful online business.

Now, if you are reading this as somebody who is on the verge of giving up, then you need to pay particular attention to what I’m about to tell you next.

There are 5 product types that you need to make real life changing money online

1) Free Product
2) Low-Cost Product
3) Up-sell Products
4) Membership Product
5) High Priced Product

That is the big secret (The Perfect Online Business Model) in a nutshell, it’s that simple.

So the question is why haven’t you followed this guaranteed money making formula?

I think I know the reason why.

It’s because You have probably already tried to sell a free or low-cost product before without much success.

No shame in that.

I’ve done the same thing many times myself.

Another reason why you are not making as much money from your online home business as you would like is because… 

You don’t know how to up-sell, build a membership site, or you don’t have a high-priced product to sell to your customers.

I can relate to your problem because until very recently.

I was in the same situation as you.

All I was doing on an almost daily basis was trying to build my business, by selling one cheap product after another.

Which I’m sure that you know by now, is a guaranteed way to instant failure.

So How Did I Solve This Problem?

I simply used “The BCB  Training Program ” to get 80% better results,

Yes! You heard me right.

Eighty percent better results. 

And the reason why this system works so well is because it uses the five principal product types that I told you about before.

And the real beauty of this system is that I didn’t have to create any of the five products myself.

I just sent targeted traffic to a highly converting offer and let the built-in sales funnel do the rest.

The BCB System allows people like you and me, to earn money on a level playing field and build a long-term sustainable business.

The BCB Video Training Program will guide you by the hand in simple steps on how to earn life changing income of up to $2,500 or more per sale

All you have to do is to follow the steps, learn how to drive targeted traffic, everything else is done for you.

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I know the reason why you are not making money from your online home business I can relate to your problem because until very recently I was in the same situation as you. So would you like to know how I solved this problem?